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Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic entities such as business and corporations.

Accounting can be divided into various fields like financial accounting, tax accounting, external auditing, internal auditing and cost accounting. Accounting plays a very important role because all the companies have accountants to do the calculations of profit and loss of the company for each and every year and every company has a cost accountant which helps the company to make maximum profit by minimising the cost if the product. So all this work is done with helps of accounts.

Major types of accounting services are:-

  • Public Accounting – Accountants who are not exclusively tied to single company are the ones that perform public accounting service. The processes which are involved in public accounting are preparation, review and audit of financial statements, tax preparations and consultations. Our company (Exuberant Global) provides easy solutions for this, it provides with best public accounting service as we work according to the customer's preference.
    Best advisors are also available if you have any queries regarding anything on how to setup your business what business is in demand and all that you can visit and we respond to our customers within few hours.
  • Management Accounting – Management Accounting is a process where analyzation of present and past accounting data is done so to come to an effective an efficient business model for the client. We provide with best management accountants who make the process easier for you. Some of the things we provide in management accounting are budgeting, asset management, performance evaluation and cost management.
    Management accounting is also known as advisory services. We also aim to help customers to analyse management problems or opportunities.
  • Governmental Accounting – The largest finance body in any country is the government of that country. Accounting bodies created government accounting in order to tackle with specific issues present in government that is not in business.
    The main objective of this service is to help government sectors properly budget and use their resources. This type of service is known to be most flexible.
  • Internal Auditing – Larger the company greater the issue of accuracy and reliability of their financial statements. There is always the possibility of mistakes, or worse fraud occurring in the preparation of financial statements.
    This service does not involve the preparation of services since the responsibility of auditor is limited to giving opinions regarding the reliability and accuracy of financial statements. Our company provides the best opinions regarding your business if you need someone that can really suggest you what to do you can contact us.
  • Book keeping – In accounting it is considered as one of the most basic accounting services. It is often the first step in the preparation of financial statement since it involves the business transactions of the entity.
    Many enterprise whether be small or medium use this service since it is cheaper and simpler in comparison to other services. We provide with best book keeping service and at reasonable rates.
  • Tax Accounting – It is a service which focusses on the business's tax liabilities or claims. It is another accounting service heavily affected by local and national codes.
    A country's internal revenue code determines how an accountant applies tax accounting to a company which is really important. We provide with best tax accountants who aim to help you minimize your business's tax liability without violating any law or accounting standards.
  • Forensic Accounting – Forensic accounting can be compared to auditing but its main focus is to detect malicious fraud. Forensic accountants are required to have in depth knowledge of laws that could help them determine violations by the concerned parties.
  • External Auditing – It follows the same process as internal auditing. The difference lies with who uses the audit opinion created. Internal audit opinions are used by internal users such as board of directors, external audit opinions are used by external users such as investors.
    These are some of the services that are offered by our company and these were some basic services which one needs to know in fields of accounts.
    Every manager or owner of the business must have at least minimal knowledge of the differences of these services, so that they could choose which service fits the best according to their needs.
    We offer business solutions and all types of accounting services not only in India but internationally as well.

Benefits of taking accounting services:-

  • Achieving High level of Accuracy: The results can be accurate as high as 99.95%, which in turns ensures better management of back office functions.
  • Cost effective services: A huge amount can be saved up on operational costs and channelized towards the funding of core business processes and of course who does not want to save penny while doing business.
  • Fraud Check: Fraud can be easily checked if it is done by staff within the organization. The service providers are responsible for every accuracy control.
  • Direct deposit: This keeps the staff satisfied and productive leading to business augmentation.
  • Avoiding penalties during tax processing: This can be the greatest advantage among all because inaccurate tax filing results in tax penalties which can be avoided if you use our accounting services.
  • Saves up your precious time: It helps in saving time because we understand that how important is your time is so we provide our best services and helps in saving your time by performing various functions of your company.
  • Staying informed with up-to date accounting status: All information will be in your hand in no time after analysing the reports of the company. Advance software can help companies look at personalized reports that can save a lot of time while making important financial decisions for your company.
  • Gaining support from the experts: This is really important that the person who is giving you advice must be fully aware of the knowledge related to all accounting services and you can rely on us for this we provide our customer fully trusted advice by our experts on various fields.

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