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We offer bookkeeping and Accounting services for various small businesses, medium businesses , Large Businesses and CPA’s in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Our services include Bookkeeping , Accounting Services, Bank reconciliations services, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales tax filing, Payroll processing and financial reporting.

As we are doing bookkeeping and Accountancy from last 10 years , we have experience and competitive edge to complete things with accuracy and timely. Helping our customers to not worry about their books any more.We place the highest priority on the security and privacy of your data and sensitive information. As business professionals we understand the significance that privacy and security hold.

We will get to know you and how your business operates. We'll walk through our process and get everything set up. We’ll take care of everything from classifying transactions to preparing your financial statements. Run your business with confidence know you'll have accurate, tax ready financials delivered every month.

Our strength is your numbers. We offer bookkeeping, licensing, payroll, quarterly reports, office management, and notary services 100% remotely. Let us keep your accounts safe and sound so you can focus on your business.


Have you ever been involved in an organization or business that never seems to accomplish very much? Regardless of how hard you work, you just go in circles. The problem may be that you have not decided where you want to go and have not created a roadmap of how to get there. From the perspective of an organization, the problem may be that you are not focusing on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Below are a series of steps or statements of how to give your organization direction.

The first is a statement of vision. It provides a destination for the organization. Next is a statement of mission. This is a guiding light of how to get to the destination.

These are critical statements for the organization and the individuals who run the organization..


Brand Purpose: What does your product or service do, or aim to provide and for whom?
Brand Values: What does your company stand for? For example, are you environmentally conscious and provide a more sustainable solution to solve a problem? Values are what make your company unique.
Brand Goals: What does your company accomplish for customers? Why should they purchase from you instead of other competitors?
With these three components, you can create a mission that is unique to your brand and resonates with potential customers. Next, we’ll guide you step by step how to write a proper mission statement to build off of as your company evolves.

  • Payroll Processing
  • File And Pay Payroll Taxes
  • Paid-Time-Off Management
  • Process of payroll service
  • Hire Reporting
  • Integrations Services


CA Gaurav Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

I am a Chartered Acoountant with a comprehensive 12-year background in overseas bookkeeping, taxation, and accounts. My profile reflects a deep understanding of international financial standards and tax regulations, cultivated through years of delivering meticulous financial solutions. With expertise spanning diverse industries, I specialize in ensuring compliance, optimizing tax strategies, and providing strategic financial insights. My commitment to ongoing learning and adaptability positions me as a valuable partner for businesses seeking to thrive in global markets.

CA Ankit Singhal


I am a Chartered Acoountant with 11 years of extensive experience in overseas bookkeeping, taxation, and accounts, I take pride in delivering exceptional financial services to international clients. My expertise spans various jurisdictions, enabling me to navigate complex global financial regulations with ease. I have successfully assisted businesses in managing their cross-border transactions, optimizing tax strategies, and ensuring compliance with international accounting standards. Through continuous professional development, I remain at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that my clients receive the most relevant and innovative financial solutions. My commitment to accuracy, integrity, and client satisfaction has established me as a trusted advisor in the international financial arena.

ACA Abhishek Rohilla

Director (Operations) (B.Com(Hons.), ACA(ICAEW)

He is a qualified accountant from ICAEW having more than 16 years of experience in UK accounting and taxation. He has done his training in London during his studies for more than 2.5 years where he was an integral part of the compliance department dealing in Company secretarial work, Bookkeeping, VAT returns, Management accounts, Accounts Finalization and Corporation tax returns. Before joining Exuberant Global, he has worked with all the top-notch Outsourcing companies in India dealing in UK Accounts and Tax outsourcing on senior positions. He is currently the Operations Director of Exuberant Global Outsourcing.

Smriti Gupta

Account Manager at Exuberant Global

I am an accomplished Accounting Manager with 6.5 years of specialized expertise in overseas bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. With a strong focus on international financial practices and regulations, my profile underscores proficiency in delivering accurate financial solutions. Specializing in efficient payroll management, precise accounting, and compliance with global standards, I am a trusted partner for businesses aiming to navigate complex financial landscapes. My dedication to optimizing processes and ensuring meticulous financial records highlights my commitment to driving operational excellence and financial success on an international scale.

Shruti Sharma

Account Manager at Exuberant Global

I am a seasoned bookkeeping manager with a robust 8-year background exclusively focused on overseas bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. My profile reflects extensive proficiency in international financial practices, accounting standards, and payroll regulations, cultivated through years of delivering accurate and compliant financial solutions. Specializing in streamlining payroll processes, ensuring meticulous bookkeeping, and maintaining precise accounting records, I am a trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient and effective financial management on a global scale. My commitment to excellence and dedication to mastering evolving international financial landscapes highlight my ability to drive operational success and compliance for diverse clients.

Alka Sharma

Senior Manager

I am a highly experienced Accounting Manager with a proven track record of successfully managing overseas bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll functions. With extensive years of expertise in this domain, I possess a deep understanding of international financial regulations and compliance requirements. My strong analytical and problem-solving skills allow me to ensure accurate financial reporting and maintain meticulous records. Trusted for my ability to streamline processes and optimize financial operations, I am committed to driving efficiency and financial success for businesses operating globally. As an adaptable and detail-oriented professional, I thrive in diverse and dynamic environments, providing strategic insights and contributing to the growth of organizations worldwide.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Accountants in Practice

More Profits

mark-up can be made so compliance generates a higher profit without taking up your resource .


Potential increase in net profit per job

Zero Overhead Costs

No long term sick leave, paid leaves holidays, paternity / maternity breaks, training cost, pensions, And payroll taxes.


Potential savings on in-house overheads

Save Time

Save time on processing compliance work. Lengthen business day by 4.5 hours due to the time difference between India and UK.


Access to jobs scheduling and tracking.

Flexible Resources

cope with peaks and troughs. Easily scale your business needs it to, with no lag or investment risk .


Zero worries about losing staff.

An Essential guide to Accounting Outsourcing Services



Account Payable

Tax preparation Services

Reporting to authorities and management

Account Receivable

Comparison of Inhouse Accountant vs Outsource to Exuberant

More than
60% cost savings

This is an estimated average price for managed FTE process.The actual price depends on complexity of different services.


In House

to exuberant

Total Cost
€ 40,000
€ 17,500
Employer PRSI
€ 4,000
Hiring Cost
€ 1,000
Other Overheads
€ 2,000

15 hours Free Trial

Professional Bookkeeping Experts Are Just A Click Or A Call Away!

we will help you to maintain your books accurately so that you can focus on your core business , client usually save their 50 Percent time & money using our services.

100% confidentiality

Enjoy Stress- Free Outsourcing
With Exuberant Global

Professional Team

From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic tax planning and compliance, our professionals bring expertise and attention to detail to every aspect of your financial needs.


Outsourcing work can be time-efficient by leveraging specialized expertise, freeing up your time to focus on core tasks, and benefiting from the scalability of external resources.


Cost-effective due to lower Salary costs in certain regions, economies of scale offered by external service providers, and the ability to avoid expenses related to infrastructure, equipment, and employee benefits.

10+ years of experience

Experienced firm with 10+ years of expertise providing comprehensive financial services, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and cost-effective solutions for CA firms, CPA Firms and Accountants.

20+ software expertise

Our experienced and skilled team proficient in related software, We leverage our expertise to maximize the benefits of these software tools for our clients' financial needs.

1000+ projects completed for US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia

We have successfully completed a wide range of projects including bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT, financial statement preparation and tax compliance for CA firms, CPA Firms and Accountants.

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Frequently Asked Question

Bookkeeping services involve the systematic recording, organizing, and managing of financial transactions for businesses. These services typically include tasks such as recording income and expenses, reconciling bank statements, managing accounts payable and receivable, and generating financial reports.
Outsourcing bookkeeping services offers several benefits. It allows you to focus on your core business activities while professionals handle your financial records. Outsourcing also provides access to expert bookkeepers who have the knowledge and experience to ensure accurate and compliant financial management. It can be cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house bookkeeping team and grants you access to advanced bookkeeping software and tools.
Bookkeeping services help your business by ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records. This enables you to make informed decisions based on reliable data. Bookkeepers can provide valuable insights into your business's financial health, identify trends, and assist in budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, bookkeeping services streamline financial processes, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with relevant tax and accounting regulations.
Reputable bookkeeping services prioritize data security. They employ stringent measures to protect your sensitive financial information, such as encryption, secure servers, and access controls. They also adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and comply with data protection regulations to ensure the privacy and security of your data.
Yes, many bookkeeping services offer tax preparation assistance. They can organize your financial records, generate the necessary tax documents, and help ensure accurate and timely tax filings. Having well-maintained books throughout the year makes tax preparation smoother and reduces the risk of errors or omissions.
The cost of bookkeeping services varies depending on factors such as the complexity of your financial transactions, the size of your business, and the range of services required. Some bookkeeping services charge an hourly rate, while others offer fixed monthly packages. It's recommended to request quotes from multiple providers and compare their offerings to find the most suitable and cost-effective option for your business.

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